When you are looking for luxurious rooms, beautiful décor, great sceneries, world class amenities, fine dining rooms, top-notch customer service delivery, and exceptional staff and management support in delivering quality and excellence to customers every single time, then we are your best bet.

Over the years, our mission has always been to see that our customers are given priority over anything and everything. This has been our motivation and it has paid off in no small way.

We are a 5-star hotel that has persistently scored 5-star in rating from customers. One thing they keep attesting to is how special we make them feel whilst not diminishing in the delivery of excellent service.

We have staffs that are willing to go the extra mile to make every single customer feel right at home. Our slogan has always centred on home away from home. With us, there is no rush to go back home, for you are home already.

Our excellent continental and African cuisines are meals that could make anyone forget home. The grandeur, ambience, beautiful sceneries, and facilities that make up our hotel leave much to be desired.

One area that has consistently stood us out is that we try to continually leave our customers with choices. Do you need a room where you can view the pools? We have them. Are you thinking of settling for an African delicacy instead of continental or Chinese? We have got you covered. One you can think it, you can be sure that we would find a way to make it available.

As far as we know, your comfort and enjoyment while you are with us cannot be compromised. And if we fall short in achieving perfection where you are concerned, we don’t mind giving you a form of compensation or even a refund. Yes! That’s how we roll.

We have never put money before the comfort of our clients. We did rather lose money than to see smile fade from our customers faces. This isn’t just a pitch; it is what we live for.

So, are you looking for a hotel to have a romantic get-away, personal retreat, family get-together etc. Then, look no further, for we can’t wait to show you our hospitality.