After a long drive and a tiring day, what could be more refreshing than settling down to feasting on your favourite cuisine? That’s why we have invested into hiring the best chefs from across the world that pays attention not only to churning out delicious meals, but ensuring that the every meal prepared is gives nutritional value every single time.

We are aware that we are what we eat, so cooking healthy meals could not have been a lesser priority.

Our continental dishes embrace every recipe you can think of from all across Europe. Whether it’s apple sausage plait, paneer steak, peppered pasta salad, baked potato and aubergines, chicken and cheese salad, Yorkshire lamb patties etc, we have them all.

If you have never tasted an African cuisine before, then this is perfect timing. Our chefs are endowed with cooking excellent African dishes that can only leave you ordering for more.

Our restaurant is one place guests don’t leave in a hurry. The ambience, the class, and beautiful décor that characterizes where you are feasting explains why you may not realize that time is far spent.

So, whether you are only comfortable with feasting on Chinese meals, we would make sure that you are served with it. We don’t know how to say no to a guest, because they are why we are in business.

If you have never thought about settling down to any of these cuisines, then you seriously should start to. And even if you have, but not in our hotel, then you truly haven’t tasted the best there is. You should come check it out from us.

Our treat is truly special.

For one, our African dishes aren’t streamlined to just a part of Africa, but embraces meals from all around Africa. This is one way to make sure you always have something new to try out; especially for food lovers.

With our cuisines, you can never be wrong. All you need do is settle down, while our very efficient chefs prepare your meal just as you would like it. Then see our ever-smiling waiters serve your meal.

You haven’t visited our cuisine yet? Question is: What are you waiting for?