Chauffeur Services

We offer chauffeur services to our guests or to those looking to rent one for a special occasion.

With professional drivers waiting to take you wherever you intend to go, you shouldn’t entertain any fears concerning the hassles of driving in an unfamiliar zone.

You could simply place a call in if you intend to book any of our chauffeurs. It’s important you book days prior to your event, so you don’t get stranded. Our chauffeurs are usually in high demands and booked. Hence, we encourage renters to book ahead of time, as we operate on a first come, first served basis.

If you are a guest in our hotel and require a chauffeur to drive you around, it’s easy. You could make demands for it making reservations into the hotel. The cost of the chauffeur services can easily be charged to your credit card.

Whether it’s a chauffeur to drive you on your wedding, or to your favourite spot in town, it’s easy. Just place a call to make further inquiries on how we make this happen.

Chauffeurs are what you should consider especially if you are lodging in our hotel from out of this territory. You can be sure that you would have secured for yourself an excellent guide.