If you are looking to book a hotel whose facilities are not only top-notch but second to none. Then you have found your perfect choice. We pride ourselves as one hotel that has invested heavily into making our facilities world-class. Whether it’s our swimming pool, laundry room, gym, basket ball court, or exquisite rooms, you can only see how much our customers mean to us.

We don’t see our numerous customers as anything less than kings; as such we treat them so.

Talk about class, the décor in our facilities is laced with it. Our restrooms, bedrooms, waiting rooms are all lavishly designed with the best interior décor you can imagine. The word that can truly qualify our facilities is “awesome”.

Are you looking to use a gymnasium that has all the equipments needed to exercise, and even has an in-house gym instructor, do you desire to swim, occupy large well-furnished room, use the café, party, or watch a live band perform? These are all available at our hotel.

These facilities were designed with excellence in mind. We are too aware of how much our guests need to have a sense of relaxation and comfort.

Talking about relaxation, we have a spa where you could go have a body massage and see you relax from the gentle touch of our experts. You come out feeling youthful and energized.

Our basketball court and football lawn were designed to keep guest who just love outdoor activities occupied. This is usually fun, as most guest get to play and form friendship networks as they do.

Every single one of our facilities is intended to make our customers feel special, so that they live our hotel with a promise to come back soon. With every meeting, there are opportunities to build memories that will last a life time.

When you take a walk around the hotel, you are met with beautiful sceneries that are enough memories in themselves.

Some people lodge for personal retreat and the serene nature of our environment spells peace and gives them the calm they need to sooth their soul. Whichever category you fall in, we have everything you need.

Your concerns about children are unwarranted as we have kiddies court with lots of games to keep them engaged and not feeling like returning home.

Every time our guests call in to extend their stay, we are happy because we know we have succeeded in making our hotel a safe haven indeed. And this happens really often. It’s important that you know that we are good at what we do.

So, before you set out to make that call to us, if you are not certain if what you want is a good time, if you are not looking to network and meet some possible friends for life, if you aren’t sure you want to be spoilt on the most delicious delicacy that exists in the world right now, and cooked by the very best of chefs, then you seriously need to have a rethink about coming to lodge in our hotel.

One thing we do without apology is to make you forget that you have a home. You still not sure what you really want? Then you should put a call through to our customer service agents, they are the best in guiding you towards making the right choices.